Church – Went this morning and was very touched when Honey requested prayer for our neighbor.

Our Neighbor – We went to see her after church, and she is doing better. Should be released from the hospital tomorrow or Tuesday.

Roof – Our roof leaked yesterday, so we are planning on getting a metal roof installed in the next week or so.

Turtle – We saved a really cute turtle that was crossing the highway this afternoon. He had the prettiest red eyes.

The perfect autumn day

Today was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, the clouds were light and wispy, the sky was blue, and the temperature was just right. The perfect autumn day.

As I type this entry, I am laying in my comfortable bed snuggled up with Twinkie (who can’t decide whether to purr or sleep), the scent of dinner still lingers in the air, and my heart is completely content. I am one lucky son of a gun.

My neighbor

My elderly neighbor had to go in the hospital, and they are still running tests to figure out what is wrong with her. We went to see her after I got off from work, and she didn’t seem like herself at all; very quiet and contemplative.


Imagine Me & You – A very cute film I watched Monday night. I needed a break from 9/11 coverage, because it was just too depressing.

Politics – Enough politics for awhile (unless I read or hear something really interesting). I tend to get a little upset with the injustices in our political system, so I have to take a step back and relax.

Twinkie – He is getting fixed on Thursday. I can’t pick him up until Friday afternoon, and I’m afraid he will be scared being away from home.

Honey – He’s been helping his mom move into her new place, and hasn’t been around much for the last week. I miss him.

I will never forget…


I will never forget…

A smoke-filled sky
Pedestrians crying
The tv in Times Square
Wailing sirens
The urge to escape
Uncontrollable fear
Caring hotel staff
The view from my hotel room
Empathy for the trapped and dying
Traffic-choked streets
People covered in ashes
Weeping without shame
Helpful strangers
The changed skyline at dusk
A sense of relief to get out of the city
Feeling guilty about leaving
Realizing that NY is the greatest city on earth.

Leaf bug


Isn’t this the coolest looking bug? I found him on top of my car this evening and got a couple of macro shots with my digital camera. He didn’t seem frightened of me and stayed perfectly still the whole time.