Stick ‘em up!

I was arrested yesterday… twice.

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon when I arrived home from work, so I decided to do a little lawn maintenance – raking and the like. Daydreaming as I toiled, I suddenly hear, “You’re surrounded! Put your hands up or I’m going to shoot!”

I turn around to see what appears to be a five or six year old boy pointing a plastic machine gun at me. Realizing he is from across the street and obviously playing, I chuckled. This apparently made him even more adamant, as he insisted that if I did not do as I was told, he would certainly shoot me. I raised both hands in the air and was promptly rewarded with the sound of gun fire. Apparently satisfied that he had been given the opportunity to shoot someone, he meandered back across the street and I returned to my labor, somewhat amused.

Thirty minutes later, he’s back for another round of intimidation. After insisting that I place both hands in the air again (one didn’t satisfy him), he came up behind me, stuck the gun to my back and proceeded to fire repeatedly. When I jokingly accused him of being mean, he screamed, “Don’t backtalk me or I’ll shoot you again!”

Kids are cute, but kind of scary. I guess I’ll have to wear a bulletproof vest the next time I tackle the yard, or maybe just keep a garden hose handy.

Spring awakening

Spring is in the air, so I thought I’d share a really cool photo that I took on May 9, 2003. This baby American Robin was perched under my carport and didn’t seem frightened at all. I was able to get some really great macro shots of him before he flew away.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 4300

Baby Robin

John Mayer in concert

Honey and I went with two friends to see John Mayer last week. It was fantastic!

We started the evening at Applebee’s, enjoying each other’s company and a few drinks. It was fun pretending we were on a double-date, each of us with a girl. We laughed that our cover was blown when I paid for Honey’s meal.

We arrived at the arena and discovered our seats were much better than expected. The concert was simply phenomenal! I was afraid he wasn’t going to perform “In Repair”, but it turned out to be the last song of the evening.

Set List

Bigger Than My Body
No Such Thing
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Good Love is On the Way
Waiting on the World to Change
I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
I’m Gonna Find Another You
Why Georgia
Your Body is a Wonderland
In Repair

I still haven’t decided what was more fun… the concert or the company. I love being able to spend time with old friends.

Mental Anguish

Mental Anguish
By Brian

Ah, the blessed state of ignorance
Never really questioning
Never thinking about things too deeply.

I can never seem to reconcile
My future with my past
They want to collide, unfortunately.

My brain leads me in circles
Going nowhere, but crazy
I sometimes wonder where it will take me.

The more I seek to learn
The less I seem to know
If there is truth, why can’t I see?

Mental anguish is true pain
Goes away, then back again
Oh, how I wish it would leave me be.



This is a pair of baby hummingbirds that I photographed a few years ago while they were still in the nest. They were just beginning to get their feathers and were gone a few days later.

I noticed a female hummingbird would always fly to a specific tree after visiting the feeder and wondered if she might be nesting there. After a quick check, I spotted the tiny nest in a branch that was probably 10 feet off the ground. It was situated perfectly so that I could lean my ladder against a nearby garage and take photos without disturbing them.

This is one of the favorite photos that I’ve ever taken. I love the way that the picture is focused on the birds while the surrounding foliage is blurred. I have also included an image of the nest and eggs before they hatched. Yes, that’s a toothpick for size comparison.

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot 5.1-Megapixel 3x Optical/2x Digital Zoom Digital Camera (DSC-W1)


Where I’ve been

I stated earlier that I’ve been to 33 states, so I thought it might be fun to note them on a map. The states that I’ve visited are in white. Of all the ones that are left, I would really like to see California and Oregon.