Back to school

Honey will be returning to college tomorrow to finish his bachelor’s degree. This is the first time he’s been financially able to return to classes since 2005, and to say that he is excited would be an understatement.

I took off from work yesterday to accompany him to registration – a process that was quite foreign to me since I have only attended a couple of night classes at a local community college. The experience at this large state university was much different and I enjoyed it immensely, but what made me even more happy was the opportunity to share a new beginning with the one I love.

The weather was simply gorgeous as we navigated the campus in search of professors and paperwork. Blues skies, sunshine, beautiful landscaping. There were many incoming freshmen being led about on tours and I couldn’t help but feel my age when studying their youthful faces. It was interesting to hear all the different accents and languages being spoken, and to see traditional dress from various parts of the world.

Honey must have been a standout student during his time there three years ago. I was quite proud to hear every professor that he approached call him by his first name or exclaim how good it was to see him coming back. It was obvious that he had great respect for their teaching abilities, and they were quite impressed with his desire and ability to learn.

He kept telling me how much he appreciated me joining him for the day, but the pleasure was all mine. As we sat under the umbrella of a huge magnolia tree and watched the splinters of sunlight dancing around us, he remarked, “This is life. It doesn’t get much better than this.”

It certainly doesn’t.