Pond ponderings


For some inexplicable reason, I am totally addicted to the pond that sits near our home. We have been living here for several months already, but I feel like I just recently discovered it. I knew it was there the whole time, but rarely ever took the time to walk down the hill, through the meadow, and up another hill to see it. That has changed over the past few weeks, and I am wondering why it took me so long to “discover” something I should have connected with months ago.

There is something peaceful, calming, and spiritual about bodies of water… perhaps because we supposedly evolved from water-dwelling organisms, or maybe because of our inability to survive without it. Either way, as I mentioned in my last entry, I feel much closer to God standing at the edge of the water than I do sitting in a church building. Maybe that is why I am so eager to make the short hike every chance I get.

Although we own 4.6 acres of land, our property does not encompass the pond. I am keeping my fingers crossed though, because the lady who currently owns it mentioned that she might sell it to me within the next few years.