A dare you might not want to take

Verizon is shipping my fourth LG Dare. I should get it Wednesday. I’m starting to think that fancy touchscreen phones are a bad idea, even though it’s painfully obvious that all cell phones will have this technology within the next few years.

I returned the first Dare because of the ticking in the ear piece during phone conversations. It drove me crazy. I blew out the speaker in the second one while trying to clean dust out of it. I can’t blame that one on the phone – unless we want to discuss design quality.

The phone I currently have has worked quite well for the couple of months that I’ve had it. I decided to add internet access to it today, and BAM… the touchscreen stopped responding and I couldn’t shut it off without removing the battery. After replacing the battery, the phone wouldn’t boot.

I called customer service and they took me through some troubleshooting before deciding to send me a replacement. I have to give big props to the folks working at Verizon Wireless, because they have bent over backwards to keep me happy so far. It’s too bad that I’ve had such terrible luck with their devices.

Considering that the signal coverage for AT&T has improved dramatically in my area over the last several months, I’m seriously thinking about biting the bullet and going with the iPhone once my contract with Verizon has expired. All these other phones aren’t much more than iPhone wannabes anyway, so why not just go with the original?

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5 thoughts on “A dare you might not want to take”

  1. *newsflash* Brian is bad for LG phones!

    … Actually, my former phone was an LG, and I liked it a lot, except that I got it as a replacement for my former previous phone, which also was LG, but died because the power connector broke and it couldn’t recharge. I figured that was my fault for dropping the phone while it was charging (actually, it vibrated itself right off the table), but then it turned out (after I bought the new one, natch) that the charger was *subtly different* and surprise! I needed to purchase a whole new car charger. Bummer.

    Currently, I have a Samsung U700 — the one where the screen flips two ways. Very cool, reasonable keypad, but poor audio quality. Why can’t they make a phone that works as a phone? I’m kinda tired of all the gadgets (although I do txt a lot, which is why the bi-flip phone).

    I was actually looking at the new Google phone, but … it went overboard on useless (to me) features and I heard that Verizon is actually supporting the linux-on-mobile-phone initiative, so I’m waiting for that. Plus having a Verizon contract that includes my kids’ phones is messy to get out of.

    My daughter had an LG chocolate, which she loved, until it died untimely; then the replacement also died untimely, and so she’s now using my old LG phone (VX6000, IIRC).

    Anyway, kudos, Brian, for a really entertaining blog that’s fun to read and get involved with.

  2. @ Mario: The funny thing is that I really, really like LG phones. In fact, the Chocolate 3 is my standby phone and I’m using it until the Dare arrives. I love almost everything about it, except it doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard for texting. I’ve gotten so used to that feature that I don’t want to live without it. :)

    Thanks for the compliment, too!

  3. I just blogged about my phone and my desire to get an iphone. I adore my Dare (acutally the last 6 LG phones) and am a Verizon customer at the core. I am also a Mac girl to the soul!

    Its a tough choice, and one I have no clue how to resolve. Unemployed, I will stay where I am right now, but …..

    The Dare got me thru my partners double transplant last summer, kept me from losing my mind. She now has a Versa (basically a dare with hard case and physical keyboard)

    I am wondering if getting a Touch will fill the gap for me….or is just a fancy ipod?

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