A little slice of heaven on Earth


I always have a piece of Lemon Cream Cake when I visit Olive Garden. It is so good that we have decided one day (hopefully soon!) it will be our wedding cake.

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12 thoughts on “A little slice of heaven on Earth”

  1. @ Alyson: I read online somewhere that Sam’s Club carries the exact same cake and that Olive Garden buys the cake they serve there. I don’t know if it’s true, but worth checking into. Supposedly it’s called an Italian Cream Cake.

  2. You’re going to need a LOT of cake, my friend. You’ve got boatloads of folks who will want to be part of your wedding celebration!

    (I’ve seen that cake at Sam’s…maybe I need to pick one up for you next time I’m there. Taste testing would be fun.)

  3. I will definitley have to check that out. Next time we could eat at Olive Garden, go over to Sams, and then eat an ENTIRE lemon cream cake. LOL.

  4. Okay, so I went to Sam’s tonight and they didn’t have any Italian Cream Cake. I was going to get one and taste test one for the team. I guess you have to get there early to get one. Maybe next time.

  5. @ fightingwindmills: It is so great! You have to try it if you’re ever around an OG.

    @ Liz: You did, you little devil! :)

    @ Alyson: That sucks. Did you ask if they regularly carry it?

  6. I didn’t. I had worked at the crappy office that day and it was best for everyone involved if I didn’t speak to anyone due to my HORIFFIC mood. LOL.

  7. I went to Sam`s Club today to get this delicious sweet treat…it does taste like the one @ olive graden but cheaper At sams you get the whole cake for only $15…now Sam`s club its not longer selling this cake, Iam trying to find where else can I get this cake besides Olive Garden ???

  8. Did you ever find out where else we can find this cake (whole)? I was EXTREMELY devastated to find out that Sam’s doesn’t carry it anymore!

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