A year’s worth of mobile phones


As I grabbed my phone this morning on the way out to work, I thought back on all the cell phones I’ve went through since last summer.

6/24/08 – Signed with Verizon and chose the LG Chocolate 2.

7/7/08 – Didn’t appreciate how difficult Verizon made it to put ringtones on my phone, so I switched to AT&T and chose the LG Shine.

8/5/08 – AT&T’s coverage was dismal, so switched back to Verizon and bought the LG Dare.

8/9/08 – The Dare made a ticking sound during phone calls, so I returned it for the LG Chocolate 3.

12/5/08 – Although I loved the Chocolate 3, I missed having a virtual keyboard for texting. I purchased a Dare outright on eBay and decided to keep the Choc as a backup phone (a very good idea in hindsight).

2/19/09 – I blew out the ear speaker while trying to clean dust out of it. Since it was still under the manufacturer’s warranty, Verizon replaced it with a refurb.

4/13/09 – I decided to activate the internet on the Dare, which caused it to stop working. I literally had to remove the battery to shut the phone down and then it refused to reboot. I called Verizon and they mailed me a replacement – my fourth Dare.

Anyone here think my latest Dare is going to make it until my contract is up in 2010? Yeah, right…

Author: Brian

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