Agony inside the dying head

When I look at these photos of Michael, I am convinced he was mentally and physically unable to perform the 50 concerts AEG had scheduled for him in London. He looks so exhausted and emotionally wounded. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, this poor man was in an incredible amount of pain. I can’t help but remember the words to one of his songs… I am the damned, I am the dead, I am the agony inside the dying head.

Bless you, Michael. I hope you are resting in eternal peace.



Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Agony inside the dying head”

  1. You’re right, he looks very sad… sometimes I wish I could travel in time. I would beam myself back to the end of the 1970’s and have a reeeeally long talk with Michael…

  2. Oh Gosh, did you see pics from him up to 2008. He was present in the birthday of one designer, and danced a bit, his energy and his looks were not the same as 2009. I still wonder what happened in such a short time, but whatever happened really was showing in his face. There was a Tohme Tohme controling everything. I am sure he didn’t want to work with Sony anymore, he mentioned ‘I’d rather burn my music than leaving it to Sony’ look what they are doing, exploiting his image and music. I also would like to give him a hug, and be there to support him.

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