What a gorgeous weekend! We spent just about our whole Saturday outside, planting a small vegetable garden and some flowers, and doing some other yard work. Working in the dirt is very therapeutic – your worries just fade away.

There weren’t very many attendees at church yesterday morning, but we still had a very nice service. After enjoying the fellowship after church, Honey and I went out for lunch with our pastor and friend, Karen. We had one of the deepest conversations that I’ve even been involved in – the kind that would normally make my head hurt or give me a panic attack. Surprisingly, neither happened and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

We talked about the existence of God, the afterlife, religion, gay rights, etc. It is so refreshing to get another person’s viewpoints, especially when that person is more than willing to listen to your own without judgment.

It’s nice to have an “Aha! moment” (as Karen puts it), and I had one while we were dining. I concluded that I don’t know anything for sure, but none of us really do. We can’t prove the existence of ourselves anymore than we can prove the existence of God, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t there. I’ve certainly had experiences in life where I feel like I’ve seen the evidence of him; in something as simple as a sunbeam or an overwhelming sense of calm in time of trouble.

No one on Earth knows exactly what happens when we die, but my hope is that I am at peace and that I have all of my questions answered. The latter, by itself, would bring a tremendous sense of peace to my soul.

Author: Brian

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6 thoughts on “Aha!”

  1. My therapist calls them “aha” moments, too. And I LOVE those conversations. They are like the really good movies that you’re thinking about days after the movie is over.
    As for death, I like to think there is peace involved. And as for god, I don’t believe, but maybe my ideas will change once I start working in a hospital and witnessing miracles. :)

  2. Mud pies are great! Your new header and theme look slick. My A-ha! post dates back a few months and rambles on about those moments only a great teacher can spark. I’ll tell you more another time.

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