‘Always Be A Child’

It’s been a great weekend so far! We went out with Liz last nite and the food was fabulous. I’ve been craving a good steak for a while, and the restaurant certainly delivered. It was also nice to see her since we haven’t spent much time together lately. She wound up crashing here, but left before we got up.

We made it to church about 10 minutes late and there were lots of visitors. Linda sang a beautiful song titled “Always Be A Child” that had half the church in tears. I could tell it was dedicated to her daughter who left home and moved to Canada. You can really feel the hurt that she and her husband are carrying around with them.

The fellowship after church was great, and so was the smoked salmon that Sue provided. She also brought some really good doughnuts and I couldn’t resist eating two of them.

We went shopping after church and bought a few cat supplies and some clothes at my fav store… TJ Maxx.

Here are the lyrics from the song that Linda sang.

Always Be A Child
By Ray Boltz

I was there
When you drew the breath of life
And I could hear your voice
The first time that you cried
And though you couldn’t see Me
I was very near
And there’s something now
That I want you to hear

You will always be a child
In my eyes
And when you need some love
My arms are open wide
And even when you’re growing old
I hope you realize
You will always be a child
In my eyes

I was there the first time
That you prayed
And I heard
All the promises you made
And when you fell before Me
Crying, Father, I have sinned
I picked you up
And held you close again

CHORUS (repeat)

Author: Brian

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