An evening with Damien Rice

Alyson and I went to see Damien Rice last night at the Lovett Auditorium in Murray. It was my first time there and my first time seeing him live. The auditorium was very old, but well maintained and it had excellent acoustics.

I’ve been a fan of Damien’s music since first seeing the video for “The Blower’s Daughter” almost three years ago. The cello in that song gets me every time and I was thrilled that a cellist accompanied him on most of the songs he performed last night. There were times when I’d close my eyes and revel in the sound of it.


Knowing that most of his music tends to be laid-back and melancholy, I was expecting the same type of atmosphere live. Wrong! This guy was rocking the house. At one point, the bass was literally vibrating the entire building – much to the enjoyment of the mostly college-age audience.

We found ourselves watching one audience member almost as much as DR. A woman on the front row was quite possibly the worst dancer that I’ve ever seen. She would lace her fingers together and twist and writhe like she was possessed, which captured the attention of everyone around her. She seemed to be having a great time, though, so that’s what really matters.


Damien wasn’t very talkative during the first part of the concert, but did tell a funny story about going to the supermarket later in the show. He also invited everyone to leave their seats and come to the front of the stage during the last song, which resulted in hundreds of people pouring down the aisles. The two people between us and the aisle refused to budge, so I went over the chair in front of me and got within 10 feet of the stage, where I clapped, yelled, and snapped pictures until the show ended. It was a great evening and I’m glad I got to experience it with my dear friend, Alyson!


Set List:
The Professor/La Fille Danse
Older Chests
Rootless Tree
Woman Like a Man
Grey Room
I Remember (with Bang Bang ending)

9 Crimes
The Blower’s Daughter
Coconut Skins

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7 thoughts on “An evening with Damien Rice”

  1. This was a great show.

    You know, every show we go to we seem to get involved with a crazy person. (Crazy drunk girl, crazy dancing girl, crazy musical chairs guy @ JM) LOL.

  2. oh, and i once saw him play in belfast at a crowded bar. lisa hannigan was there, and full band, including the amazing cellist. when he did “cold water”, he had all the lights in the bar and the stage turned off so it was completely black. and then he segued into “hallelujah”, and totally channeled jeff buckley. it was one of the most intense, beautiful moments of my life!!

  3. ohchicken,

    That’s awesome! He channeled one of my other favorite singers last night when he ended “I Remember” by singing “Bang Bang” by Cher.

    “Bang, bang, you shot me down. Bang, bang, I hit the ground. Bang, bang, that awful sound. Bang, bang, my baby shot me down.”

    It was kind of creepy… but in a good way. ;)

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