Another reason to support gay marriage: Married men live longer

Gay-Marriage1According to researchers at the University of Louisville, married men live an average of eight to seventeen years longer than unmarried men. This is due to better health benefits and higher income, as well as pressure from their spouses to have routine checkups and seek faster medical treatment after heart attacks.

It would stand to reason that the same would be true for married same-sex couples. My partner and I certainly look out for one another. He reminds me to get my cholesterol checked and to exercise (although I usually don’t listen), and I nag him about eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies.

All joking aside, when something happens that needs medical attention, we each make sure the other gets what he needs. That’s what you do when you care about someone.

As more and more of the arguments against same-sex marriage are proven to have no merit, maybe this is a good argument to use for gay marriage. Why deny people something that might provide them with a longer, healthier life?


Author: Brian

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