Another self-gratifying fluff post

Due to the fact that I’m constantly revealing things about myself on this site, the idea of sharing 7 unknown tidbits sounded a little difficult. But Moonbeam tagged me, so I must deliver…

  1. I feel more disconnected from God than I have in a long, long time.
  2. My sister just gave me her nearly-new cell phone, a Samsung SGH-D807, which I am totally in love with.
  3. I don’t like having three cats in the house, but I’m too much of a softie to get rid of any of them.
  4. I hate driving at night.
  5. I weighed last night and am heavier than I’ve ever been in my life. I was so distressed about it that I had a Dr. Pepper and a package of frosted donuts for breakfast this morning.
  6. I’m pretty sure that I suffer from depersonalization/derealization disorder.
  7. Sometimes I still worry that being gay will send me to hell.

Now, I’m supposed to tag seven others, so here goes: Alyson, Jim, Jamie, Caroline, Liz, fightingwindmills, ohchicken

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

31 thoughts on “Another self-gratifying fluff post”

  1. @ fightingwindmills:

    That’s awesome! Love your new avatar and love the picture of the flamingos on your blog.

    I also added you to my tagged blogs for this meme. I was going through my blogroll to select people and just now realized that I never got around to adding your site to my links. I’m going to fix that now.

  2. I love your list! Honest,funny and kind, just like you! #5 is hilarious, and as for #6, if you’re going to hell, we’re all in trouble. Of course, I have a bit of trouble with the whole concept of heaven and hell, but if they exist, I believe that people like you are taking the “up” elevator. Express.

  3. Brian,

    I didn’t get breakfast this morning, so I think something is better than nothing. With respect to #1, I’m right where you are, buddy. On #7, I worry about going there for other reasons, but I’d like to think that God understands my struggles enough to put up with a lot more. Still hoping that my new cell phone doesn’t get lost in Santa’s bag.


  4. @ MBMQ: So sweet. I also have some trouble with the notion of heaven/hell. I almost hope neither one exists.

    @ Wei-Hsien Wan: You may be right about breakfast, but I probably could have dumped half a pound of sugar in my mouth and accomplished the same thing.

    I’m sure Santa’s hard at work on that cell phone. ;)

  5. #4 is my problem, too. And it seems to be getting worse. I see stuff in the road that isn’t there.
    But #7 … HEY! Cut the crap, Brian! Do you think that God made everyone in His image and likeness EXCEPT FOR GAYS?! That’s a little preposterous, don’t you think? When I was a kid and got worried and scared, my mother used to say, “There is no spot where God is not.” And it’s true. So just remember that, Brian, because it goes for you, too. Don’t let the evil homophobes of this world have one spec of space in your head.

  6. oh Brian! {{{hugs for you}}} #5 reminds me of that Diet Dr. Pepper commercial where they say it’s like drinking candy. The quirky (is that spelled right?!) girl on the bus who takes a drink and gives that super smile! love it! Dr. Pepper is my favorite…

  7. @ Wendy: I know, I know. I love that quote from your mother!

    @ CuriousC: I used to be addicted to SunDrop, but I guess my tastes buds are changing, because nothing hits the spot like Dr. Pepper. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Kinda suprised about #3…!!!

    Wonderful list, and thanks for tagging me! You’re the only one who ever tags me for anything at all…LOL. Sigh. :)

  9. @ Caroline: Our oldest cat, who has very finicky litter-box habits, has started eliminating outside the box. I scoop the litter every evening, but apparently that isn’t enough for her. I cleaned the area where she urinated and put a new litter box right on top of the area, which I saw her using this morning. I doubt any of this would have happened if I hadn’t brought in a new kitten.

    Can’t wait to read your list!

    @ fightingwindmills: I was astounded last night when I surfed the “Dr. Pepper” tag on WordPress. Apparently it is much-loved by the public.

    Your list was great!

  10. I love how your list is so breathtakingly honest.

    I can relate to you on #1 – I just went through that and am probably there in the quiet moments more than I care to admit.

    #4 yeah not so much for me either. Thank God for husbands. LOL

    #5 just went through that too (minus the dr pepper and donuts). I have been wondering if #1 and #5 are somehow interconnected in my life. I’ve been working on my time alone with God as well as focusing on healthy eating and giving up sugar and flour.

    For you on #7 – take it for what it’s worth. Jesus dying on the cross did more than just give us redemption from our white lies. If that’s all He died for, I’d be pretty mad if I were Him….just sayin…..

  11. @ freefrompt: Thank you! I try to be honest without revealing too much, but it’s a fine line. ;)

    You’re not the first person that I’ve heard make the connection between God and diet. I can easily see how we might mistake spiritual hunger for physical hunger.

  12. Wow Pastor Thompson has lost some serious weight!

    I’d just like a nice sold 10-20, so my normal clothes fit again. *sigh*

    Ok, back to reading more Pastor T. Thanks for the link! Thanks for commenting on my blog too. :) Mostly people just send me e-mails from there, not actually POST anything, I was like WAY COOL!

  13. I’m feeling convicted after that article to take the challenge to break my b4 bed eating habit that I’ve gotten into.

    Here’s the kicker – what I eat is sugar-free chocolate. Arrrrgh! I swear I am an addiction waiting to happen.

    Anybody up for taking the challenge of not eating 3 hrs b4 bedtime with me? I go to bed EARLY so this’ll kill me worse than most. LOL

  14. Well then ya big wuss, move over and let someone else take the challenge with me. After all, whose blog is this? ROFL!

    It’s been a fun day! I’ll come visit again another day.

  15. Way to go with this tagging thing – mercedes just tagged me. You better come and oohhh and ahhhh at my boring life of which I NEVER blog about on my biz blog, but here goes nothing……

    Give me til tomorrow to try and come up with something interesting.

  16. lol
    I am going to try to accept my tag…
    Kind of scary though…

    I am still in love with Sundrop but I love to drink Dr. Pepper from my store in Tn. I definitely believe that two different plants make it different. It is so much better in Tn & in our part of Ky it’s “flat” lol I’ll buy you some & we will have a taste test.

  17. @ freefrompt: Way to go!!

    @ jimthomp87: Great job on your list. Loved it.

    @ Caroline: Can’t wait!

    @ stilldreaming: You’ve made me curious about the Dr. P from Tennessee. Bring some over!

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