Back on the grid

Electricity was restored to my street around 3:30 pm last Friday, thanks to the efforts of our neighbor’s son. While retrieving the mail, he noticed a bucket truck heading down a nearby road and jumped in his truck in hot pursuit. After catching up with them a couple of miles away and asking them to please restore our power, they followed him back and had it going in less than a hour.

I arrived home from work just as it came back on and hurried inside to check that all of our appliances and electronics still worked (they did) and then relished in the cold air from the ac for a few minutes before heading outside to tackle the downed trees and limbs on the lawn. Dad had loaned me his chainsaw (which I thoroughly enjoyed using) and I felt rather butch as the motor revved and the sawdust flew.

We are still without telephone and internet service, but hopefully that will be restored today or tomorrow. I realize how fortunate we were when compared to places like Galveston, but it was still a week that won’t be soon forgotten.

Author: Brian

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5 thoughts on “Back on the grid”

  1. @ jimthomp87: The Joni Mitchell lyric “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” has been running through my head alot lately. We take so much of our creature comforts for granted, don’t we?

    @ fightingwindmills: You’re sweet to keep us in your thoughts! :)

    @ Darla: We’re glad, too. Thanks!

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