Back to life, back to reality

We spent our last day in Florida walking on the beach, sitting in the hotel watching it rain, and eating seafood. My coworker and his girlfriend arrived for vacation early Friday morning and stayed in the room right next to us. It was nice to see someone familiar after a week away.

As soon as the rain had moved out, we all went for a walk along the water’s edge and saw several stingrays swimming so close to the beach that the edges of their “wings” would pop through the top of the water as the waves rolled in and out. We also spotted a pufferfish lying on the beach. Unfortunately, he was deceased, but still in good condition and an interesting find nonetheless.

We all went to the pier to watch the sunset on what would be the final night for Honey and I. It was glorious. I seriously almost heard angels singing.


We were up early on Saturday morning to start our trip home. It took forever! A traffic accident forced the closure of I-65 and resulted in an unbelievable traffic jam. It took an hour to creep a couple of miles, but eventually we were clear of the traffic and on our way.

When we arrived home and opened the car doors, we were shocked at how chilly it was. The low last night was around 40 degrees, which was a huge difference from where we had just spent the week. Home always feels a little less familiar to me after several days away, so that can be an adjustment. I’ve also noticed my allergies are going haywire, as they got progressively worse the closer we got to Kentucky.

I’ll miss the sound of the waves, the white sand, the dolphins, and the magnificence of the sky over open water. But, still, I’m glad to be home.

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

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