Black & Blue Thursday

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I accompanied my partner’s family to Walmart yesterday evening for the 8 pm sale. Even though I felt like a terrible person for allowing consumerism to intrude on Thanksgiving, my partner’s sister convinced me to go. I was completely unprepared for the mayhem and insanity.

I decided to try for the 700 thread count sheets for $20, so after parking in the grass (the parking lot was completely full), we entered the store and arrived in the bedding area to see a mob of people standing around a covered pallet of sheets. A woman warned us that the people who go for sheets are some of the worst Black Friday shoppers of all, and she was correct.

When the clock struck 8, a Walmart employee blew a whistle and people lost it. It was a mob scene in every sense of the word. People were shoving, screaming, and grabbing. The manager began yelling at several people who were climbing over a woman in a wheelchair. Two police offers arrived just as the stock began to run out.

Being a yielder, I had simply backed up and tried to get out of the way. Honey’s sister got in there and managed to get 5 sets of sheets, which she shared with the rest of the family. She thought it was fun; I thought it was both disgusting and intriguing.

As we walked out of the store, I told Honey that I would never do that again on Thanksgiving. I do think it’s important to spend at least one day of the year with family being thankful for what we have instead of trying to accumulate more.


Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Black & Blue Thursday”

  1. One of the local newscasters began the show yesterday with “Happy Gray Thursday everyone! As we countdown to Black Friday this year… ”
    No mention of Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the holiday now and Thursday is simply the day before. I stayed out of the retail fray this year, but from what you described nothing has changed.

    1. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays mainly because it hasn’t been so commercialized – at least in years past. I suppose greed, on the part of the store and the consumer, has changed that. This was my first experience with Black Friday shoppers, and I didn’t like them. Heck, it made me like myself even less.

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