Haven’t done this in a while!

Sinuses – My sinuses are killing me. I’m sure it’s allergy related, but I can’t figure out what is making them flare up in the middle of winter.

College – Honey started back to college yesterday. He’s working on his Master’s degree and should start teaching full-time in the fall.

Facebook Friends – A few of us are getting together Friday night for another trip down memory lane. We all went to the same private school, so there should be lots to talk about.

Dwindling Down – I’ve reduced my post count significantly by deleting almost 300 entries – mainly articles that were political in nature.

Author: Brian

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2 thoughts on “Blogbits”

  1. I haven’t done this in a while either. Or anything else blog-related for that matter.

    1: MINE TOO!

    2: Yay. Has he been subbing any more?

    3. Sounds like fun.

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