Home Improvement – We spent most of the weekend working around the house. I mowed the lawn, did some work on the landscaping, and cleaned the garage. Honey installed a new faucet in the kitchen. Well, actually two new faucets.

The first one was a Price Pfister and was beautiful, but thumped every time we turned the water off or used the attached sprayer. I found other people complaining online about the same problem, so he took it out and replaced it with a Delta. It was more expensive, but works the right way.

Contacts – I had an eye exam on Friday and they gave me a trial pair of contacts. I hate wearing glasses, but I think contacts might even be worse. My eyes are constantly dry and irritated, even though this brand is supposed to be one of the best.

Neighbor – We sprung her from the nursing home for a few hours on Friday. We went to eat fish and then spent a little while at her house figuring out how to rearrange some of the furniture that her physical therapist said needs to be moved out of the way.

She will be getting out of the nursing home on her 89th birthday, October 9. We plan on having some type of homecoming/birthday celebration at her house that evening.

Christmas in September – Lowe’s Home Improvement Store already had Christmas trees displayed and decorations on sale when we went on Saturday. Can we at least celebrate Halloween before we have to see Santa Claus and snowmen? Bah-humbug!

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Blogbits”

  1. Come now, contacts aren’t so bad! I’ve been wearing them for …err…12 years now? I’m so old. And out here in CO, we DEFINITELY deal w/ dry eyes. Took me 6 months before I could wear them all day but I worked up to it. Your eyes will adjust but until then you can always use drops.

  2. Your header is awesome, and I’m glad to see it’s holiday appropriate. I was in a giant craft store today and all of the fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations were fifty-percent off. They’ve been up since August and now they just want them out of the store. I don’t know why, the Christmas tree forest I had to walk through to get to the cash register fit just fine.

  3. @ MBMQ – Thanks! She enjoyed it immensely and so did we.

    @ Caroline – Maybe I need to give them more time. I tried sleeping in them last night and so far, so good. I did have to use moisture drops when I got up, though.

    @ Wendy – Glad you (and MBMQ) like the header!

    Speaking of Thanksgiving, I think it is one of the best holidays, because it gives us time to reflect and be thankful for what we have and the stores haven’t figured out a good way to commercialize it yet. Plus it’s a good excuse to overeat! ;)

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