Windowgate 2011 – The newest set of windows are installed and look fantastic! This installer seemed to really know what he was doing, and even though we went with the same window brand the second time around, they were sized correctly and the house is even quieter.

Kindle – Honey gave me a Kindle e-reader for my birthday last week, and he was really happy to actually be able to surprise me for once. I absolutely adore the thing. The first book I chose to download is currently in the top spot on Amazon – Water for Elephants. The writing is brilliant, so I’m wondering how the recently-released movie bearing the same name will compare. Books are typically much better, aren’t they?

Birthday – We celebrated my birthday so many times over the past week that I’m a little scared to get on the scales, but I felt very loved throughout the various lunches, dinners, and parties. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “Blogbits”

  1. Your decision to change the blog’s name leaves me wondering – why did you give a *four-letter-word* about JM’s mail?! He doesn’t have any sort of exclusive copyright on a simple phrase. Most of all, he didn’t even read your blog – otherwise he would have seen the credits.

    Apart from that, I like the new title a lot because it sounds very optimistic.

  2. @ Emily: Me, too! =) So glad you discovered the app. I have it on my Droid phone, and the devices are synced so that it knows what chapter I’m on whether it’s the phone or the Kindle. Beyond cool.

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