Bon Jovi concert in Nashville

Alyson and I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Nashville last night to see Bon Jovi, Jewel, Big & Rich, Billy Currington, Keith Anderson and others. The concert was a benefit for Buck Jones, an up-and-coming country artist who was killed by a drunk driver.


I’m not a country music fan, so Big & Rich and Billy Currington really didn’t appeal to my musical tastes. However, I was really excited about seeing Jewel and thought it would be nice to see Bon Jovi since Alyson has been a diehard fan of theirs for many years.


The concert was scheduled to begin at 8pm and we arrived at the Cannery Ballroom around 4:30 to find almost 20 fans already lined up waiting for the doors to open at 6:30. Even though we had previously planned to park and walk to get something to eat, we decided to go ahead and get in queue as the event was standing room only and general admission. This would guarantee us a good spot.

We soon met a hilarious girl who was a huge Bon Jovi fan and acted as if she had never met a stranger. I affectionately nicknamed her “Crazy Drunk Girl”, although not to her face, of course.

Once the doors opened and we had picked up our tickets at will-call, we easily secured a location directly in front of the main microphone stand. We could literally touch the stage. People were pouring into the venue and we knew that leaving our position for drinks or bathroom visits would mean losing our great vantage point. So… we stayed put. Alyson had one bathroom visit right after the doors opened, but other than that, we had no breaks, drinks or any oppurtunity to sit down.

The concert started a little after 8pm and began with singer/songwriter Billy Falcon, who was joined by a great rock band. I didn’t know this guy, but learned that he has written several songs for Bon Jovi and also “Power Windows”, a song that I remembered from several years ago.


Next up was Billy Currington, who played two or three songs that were pretty good, but not my cup of tea. John Rich of Big & Rich took the stage with Jewel, each helping to sing each other’s songs. Rich seemed like a real jerk, lambasting a guy next to me for asking Jewel to smile so that he could take her picture. Not a good way to win fans.

Jewel was stunning – visually and musically. She told an enchanting story about a trip to Mexico that went completely wrong before launching into “You Were Meant For Me”. The other half of Big & Rich, Kenny Alphin, joined Rich and Jewel on a couple of songs to end the set.


Newcomer to the Nashville scene, Keith Anderson, performed one song before relinquishing the stage to the artists that 95% of the crowd had came to see – Bon Jovi.


The appearance of Jon at stage-right sent the crowd of mostly females into a frenzy of pushing, shoving and screaming. Alyson was determined to keep her spot and made it clear to everyone around that she would not be moved. Her frustration soon turned to ecstasy as Jon and Richie began their four-song acoustic set that included “Livin’ On A Prayer”, “If You Wanna Make A Memory”, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”, and “Wanted Dead or Alive”.


The last song was interrupted by a male fan who jumped on stage and starting singing along with them on the chorus. Jon asked him to sing the next verse, which he did as Jon and Richie looked on with huge smiles. The fan was actually pretty good and got to personally greet his idols before being whisked off by security. We saw him being interviewed by a television news crew as we were leaving the venue a few moments later.


The concert ended around 10:40, so we had been on our feet for over six hours. It had been hot, we were sweaty and thirsty, our feet and backs were hurting and we were dying to find a bathroom, but it was all worth it.

Those are the experiences that we never forget and that make our little insignificant lives worthwhile.

Author: Brian

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27 thoughts on “Bon Jovi concert in Nashville”

  1. Last night was the greatest night of my life (ok, aside from my wedding day and the births of my children), and I’m so glad Brian agreed to come along. He’s an awesome friend to stand outside and inside for 6 hours to see artists he isn’t fanatical about. Even my own husband wouldn’t have done that for me.

    Your pics are AWESOME!!!!!

    I don’t think “crazy drunk girl” would’ve cared if you called her that to her face. LOL.

    Also, Brian originally said he would call this post, “Front & Center”. I jokingly told him that if I got a hold of Jon Bon Jovi he could call it, “Front & Sinner”!

    Inel, rumor has it that Bon Jovi are going to be opening the new Wembley (O2 Arena??) this summer, so you may get to go to a show in your neck of the woods soon.

  2. The 02 Arena is a completely different venue to Wembley. Unfortunately George Michael is going to be the first to play Wembley Stadium.

  3. Great story and shots, Brian!

    Alyson, you are so lucky to have a good friend who accompany you to concerts of your choice! I, to, have a husband who does not share my musical tastes, and three kids … so I congratulate you on making it to a concert.

    The O2 arena in London is indeed in my neck of the woods, as is Wembley, and anything else in London/south of Hadrian’s Wall!

  4. I went to London about 10 years ago and got my pic taken with the wax Bon Jovi! Maybe you’ll be able to make the show this summer.

  5. Wow; thanks Brian for that great write up… Must have been a very cool event… I recently saw Jon and Richie at the RSVP charity event in NYC and was real up close to Jon.. awesome…. thx

  6. I never tire of looking at these pics. Especially the one of Jon & Richie together. Jon is so into it.

    Also, someone posted on one of the BJ message boards I frequent some, “old new” pics they had found on the internet. One of them was the one from here of Jon. LOL.

  7. Well…….now I’m not sure. said it sold out in 1 minute, but some fans on the boards said they got tickets about 10 minutes in, from the official ticket agent.

    Like Brian said, there’s always ebay! LOL

  8. Guess what? I am listening to the COUNTRY Countdown and Bon Jovi just had the 37th Top Single for “Making a Memory”. Brian, maybe you like some COUNTRY after all. lol
    I really like the song he did with Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles.

  9. I heard it on the oountdown too and it was the first time I heard that song on the radio. I was so excited. It made the trudge to work at 6:30 Saturday morning almost worth it.

    Since I primarily listen to country, I’m glad to be hearing Bon Jovi on counrty radio.

  10. You made me jealous! I saw them in Milton Keynes (instead of Wembley!) last year and I miss them TOO much! I can wait to have a story like yours again…
    See ya.

  11. Oh my gosh. I was there too. Actually, I clicked on this link because I was trolling for Bon Jovi pictures, saw the one of Jon and Richie above and literally freaked out because I thought it was my picture someone had stolen off the fan club site. We must have been standing right next to each other. I had my purse on the stage, actually. That’s how close we were. Maybe you saw my friends and me–we sat down during Billy Currington (no disrespect–we were just about to pass out and wanted to be a little fresher for Jon and Richie). I agree, Crazy Drunk Girl probably wouldn’t have minded if you had said that to her face, and yes, I absolutely know exactly who you are talking about. Small world! This is awesome!

  12. @ Ashley: I can’t remember anyone sitting down. Crazy Drunk Girl was hilarious and was standing right next to us. Where were you in relation to her?

  13. Alyson–yeah I’m the one in college (not Nashville anymore, but it was then, so yes that’s me!). How funny! I had on a blue/green/aqua-ish sweater (sweater = dumb idea).

    Brian–I was maybe 4 or 5 people to the right (if you’re looking at the stage) from Crazy Drunk Girl. If you were to my left very far, you probably wouldn’t have seen us sitting down–there were 3 of us sitting–I went over to get some drinks and came back and we sat down (I was really surprised how easily people let me back in since the guys were about to play!).

  14. @ Ashley: I am also surprised the people let you back up there. I didn’t go to the bathroom or get anything to drink for HOURS because of that very thing.

  15. Yep. I totally remember you.

    I went to the bathroom when we first went in and had trouble getting back.

    We have a full BJ show coming up in Nashville next April. I can’t wait.

  16. Brian: As I was leaving, I told people “I’m just going to get drinks–I will be right back! Everyone remember me!!” But then I didn’t go back in the way I went out, so I really have no idea how I got through, but nobody questioned me–I was shocked. I was at Soldier Field last July and went to the bathroom literally hours before the show and people were freaking out when I came back.

    Alyson: I am sooo excited for April 24!! I don’t know which I like better–a full show or a short one being THAT CLOSE!! Ok, probably a full show since we didn’t make eye contact that time (but Jon and I definitely did at Soldier Field–I was abut 3 people back in the GA pit). That was awesome–like the angels were singing! My friends and I started jumping up and down and screaming. He looked at me and smiled and did that little nod–I almost died. Ok, rambling now, but it was super exciting.

  17. So at the risk of sounding like a blogger stalker, I just read some other parts of your blog and I am voting for John Edwards too!! And I like your 100 things about yourself. And I think I’m going to change from blogspot to wordpress.

  18. @ Ashley: Yay on voting for John Edwards! Glad you liked the 100 Things. I’m sure you’ll also like WordPress if you make the switch. It’s pretty sweet.

  19. OMG Ashley. I was at Soldier Field too, although I was not lucky enough to be in the pit.

    I made eye contact in Nashville. That was the closest I have ever been to Jon.

    Can you give us a link to your blog?

  20. My wordpress blog isn’t very savvy yet–I just set it up yesterday and I haven’t really settled in. Here’s my blogspot–(haven’t updated it in a while though)

    Dumb question! So I really like the top of your blog with the tabs to the 100 Things and Home and About the Author….how do I do that? Mine isn’t nearly that cool! HELP!

  21. @ Ashley: Each theme displays such things differently, but those are pages. You can create either a post or a page under the Write section of your dashbaord.

    I remember when I first started using WP and I was quite overwhelmed. Don’t rush yourself and you’ll figure it out in no time.

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