Brian needs…

Today is really boring so when I ran across this little meme on another blog, I decided to try it. Basically, you just go to Google and type your name followed by “needs” to see what infinite wisdom is revealed in the search results. Here’s what I learned about myself.

Brian needs to workout.
That’s true, but then I’d have to get off the computer.

Brian needs food, badly.
Does Google know that I’ve lost 7 lbs? Creepy.

Brian needs a vacation.
I guess the Google gods realize that a week off recovering from an appendectomy doesn’t quite qualify as a holiday.

Brian needs to communicate more effectively and stop being negative.
I’ve been trying, I swear, but it’s so hard and my head hurts and I can’t think of anything to say and…

Brian needs a lesson in humility.
Okay, Google, that really hurt my ego.

Brian needs some support.
I guess it’s time to switch back to briefs.

Brian needs to be glorified beyond recognition.
That’s true. Please adore me in the comment section.

Brian needs a beer.
Sorry, I don’t drink. Maybe that explains why I need a vacation.

Brian needs a girlfriend.
That’s actually pretty funny and I’m sure that Mom would agree.

Author: Brian

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6 thoughts on “Brian needs…”

  1. Hey Brian, again, an awesome blog posting. Thanks also for your comments too.

    So let me add this:

    “Brian needs…absolutely nothing, he’s perfect just the way he is!”

  2. stilldreaming,

    Glad you enjoyed it! Had a great time last night, too.


    Thank you for your compliment, although I’m far from perfect. ;)

  3. I saw something like this somewhere else where you type in your name and “was arrested for” and use the I’m feeling lucky option. My name came up with a story that was WRITTEN by an Alyson. I can’t even get arrested using google.

  4. Well this is weird. My name is Brian and I just heard the same thing, about googling. I tried it, and yours came up 3rd.

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