Burj Khalifa Dubai skyscraper

Emaar Properties/SOM

The exciting new supertall in Dubai is rising at an exceptional pace, expected to reach nearly 100 stories by the end of the year. With a projected height of 160 floors or more, this will become the tallest building in the world.

Check out the Burj Dubai Skyscraper page for almost daily updates on the construction.

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6 thoughts on “Burj Khalifa Dubai skyscraper”

  1. Brian,
    So, in other words, what’s good for Dubai is good for Brian’s blog? Just teasing. I was thinking about Dick Cheney because of seeing Ani DiFranco and Dennis Kucinich on Sunday and so I googled Dubai to find out more.

    Don’t get offended by the “disgraced wierdo” comment in this article:

    Halliburton will now pay taxes to the Dubai Revenue Department instead of the IRS:

  2. @ fightingwindmills:

    LOL! That comment about Michael is complete bull. He didn’t leave to avoid further charges, but I’m sure he was ready to escape the vicious US media. He’s now back in the US, living somewhere along the East Coast.

    I do remember hearing about Halliburton moving there, which didn’t surprise me. Thankfully, this skyscraper doesn’t seem to be connected with Cheney/Halliburton.

  3. Just think, the Burj Dubai Skyscraper was and is being built with American petrodollars.
    While the American infrastructure continues to decay, our bridges collapse on & kill our citizen-taxpayers we fund world record breaking sky scrapers in foreign nations.
    I’m glad that Bush & Cheyney clearly put the national interest above their own desires for personal gain.

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