Campus cogitations

I’m sitting in the library on the campus where Honey goes to school, waiting for his class to end. I decided to drive him the 20+ miles to his night class because he’s been up since yesterday morning – working on a term paper that was due today.

It feels a little strange sitting here surrounded by college kids. The funny thing is that even at 34 years of age, I don’t really feel like I look any older than most of them. Watching them pore over their studies does make me feel like a loser though.

I wish I’d went straight to college after graduation, but it just wasn’t something that was encouraged in my household. I do take pride in the fact that I was the first person from my immediate family to finish high school, even though it certainly doesn’t make me any smarter than the rest of them. My dad is one of the most intelligent men I know and he never finished the 10th grade.

Although I realize I’m not too old to get a college degree, I have reached the point in my life where it just doesn’t seem like part of the plan. I’m much more comfortable in this supporting role. Plus, the thought of all that school work and learning makes my head hurt.

Maybe I’ve just gotten lazy in my middle age?

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6 thoughts on “Campus cogitations”

  1. I can really relate. I’m 22 and stopped going to college to pursue my real passions. I think there is a big stigma about going to college. I mean I think it’s great, but it’s not for everyone. Most of the richest entrepreneurs don’t even have college degrees. Anyways I really like your blog and I too am trying to grow spiritually, financially and emotionally, so i wish you the best on your journey and will be stopping by to see how your progressing.
    : )

  2. Ahhhhh I know the libraries well. I spent many hours there in my prime.

    I feel the exact opposite when on campus. I have to deliver mail to the dorms and it makes me feel terribly old.

  3. Let’s get clear about one thing right away: you’re NOT middle aged!

    I’ve always thought you’d make a most marvelous university student. Not only would you gain much, you’d give much. You are an original thinker and every class needs one of those! My thought is that you’ll be the same age whether you wind up going to school or not, so why not go? In life so many things can be taken from us, but the benefit of education isn’t one of them.

  4. I would argue that you’re one of the more intelligent individuals that I’ve come across. Truth be known, I wouldn’t have known what you shared without you sharing it.

    College doesn’t make people who aren’t smart, smart. Not finishing or attending college by people who are already smart, doesn’t make them stupid.

    Your “supporting role” is probably helping more people than you’ll ever know…you should be proud.

  5. Let’s put it this way. If I had WAITED to go to college, I would have saved myself about $30,000. Oh well.

    I know there is a stigma around college but can I just say that I don’t even know what the word “cogitations” means?

    I like you just the way you are. :)

  6. oy, I finished undergrad and I’m going back for my Masters next year and the thought is… daunting. I loved college, really did, but like you, the thought of all that studying is daunting. I’m definitely getting lazy in my … mid 20’s?

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