Casting stones

Each day, when I browse the news and look at social media, I see countless stories concerning religion that make me sick at heart. Whether it is someone committing mass murder in the name of Islam, a “Christian” refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple, or a politician trying to appeal to his conservative base by making disparaging remarks about same-sex marriage, it all makes me completely disgusted with religion.

The only problems I have ever had from being openly gay are because of people who have been blinded by their religion. I have had people tell me I am going to hell. People who have given me books about how God can make me straight. Family members who refuse to be around my partner at family functions. Anonymous people who have harassed me and called me names online. People I know who have done the same.

The common denominator between all of these activities has been religion. Specifically Christianity. How someone can follow Christ and know anything about him, yet allow bigotry and hatred to overcome their thoughts and actions is unconscionable.

I am glad I am gay, mainly because I have had to question things that some take for granted. It has made life more difficult, but I feel like I can see things more clearly than so many who use their faith as shields while they throw stones at anyone they deem abnormal and unworthy of love.

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Casting stones”

  1. Brian I am sorry that Christians have been so awful to you, because that is not what they are supposed to be. I am a Christian and on the behalf of the other Christians I apologize. While, we may believe something different, Christians are supposed to be loving to others not demeaning or rude. But there come times, we as Christians can forget to be loving and are blinded by our own sinful nature and we let it get in the way of what we are supposed to be as Christians.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! While I know many people whom I consider true Christians, it’s just that the ones who aren’t are so bad they have tainted religion to the point that I am no longer interested. I believe Jesus is a wonderful role model, and I wish more people who use his name would at least try to live up to it. I am far from perfect myself, but I do try to be kind and fair to other human beings. That shouldn’t be too much to ask of anyone – religious or not. ;)

      1. Absolutely! And unfortunately that’s often times true. Some of the most kind Christians can be the most far from what Christianity is supposed to be. I agree, we should be kind and fair to other human beings no matter what we believe. Even from a Christian point of view, God says love your neighbor as yourself, love those that persecute you, and that he loves everyone equally, sinner or not. I find myself often trying to live up to the Jesus standard but you can’t always set Christians up to that standard. We slip sometimes too, just because we’re human. We can’t be perfect we can only try to be the best we can be. That’s why we have to forgive each other.

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