9/11/01: Never forget

From Wikipedia: On September 11, there were a total of 2,993 deaths, including the 19 hijackers: 246 on the four planes (from which there were no survivors), 2,603 in New York City in the towers and on the ground, and 125 at the Pentagon. An additional 24 people remain listed as missing. All of the deaths in the attacks were civilians except for 55 military personnel killed at the Pentagon. More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

You can download a high-quality version of this video here that can be burned to DVD. We watched it at the beginning of our prayer service on Wednesday evening.

The purpose of art

“The purpose of art is to comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable.”

That quote was posted in the comments section over at Fighting Windmills several months ago, and it crossed my mind this evening after watching a foreign film that left me feeling quite uncomfortable.

The Bubble tells the rather tortured love story of two men living in Israel – one Palestinian and one Jewish. The conflict between their two regions threatens to tear them apart at every turn, but they struggle through, determined to have a relationship despite the odds. The shocking ending left me feeling terribly disturbed, sheltered, and thankful to be living in a country where my problems are more like minor inconveniences when compared to other parts of the world.

‘He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need’

One of my favorite gospel songs, “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need, ” was written by the incomparable Dottie Rambo. Take a moment to watch the attached video and you might quickly discern that it is set to the tune of “Danny Boy.” I love the lyrics, and the harmony on the chorus is simply gorgeous. Lyrics are below…

He Looked Beyond My Fault And Saw My Need

Written By Dottie Rambo, Performed By The Rambos

‘Amazing Grace’ shall always be my song of praise
For it was grace that bought my liberty
I do not know just why he came to love me so
He looked beyond my fault and saw my need

I shall forever lift mine eyes to Calvary
To view the cross where Jesus died for me
How marvelous the grace that caught my falling soul
He looked beyond my fault and saw my need