Chick flick


Okay. Not only did I just watch Sex & The City (the movie) – I also cried. This has got to be some new record in gayness. Too gay even for my partner, which is why I watched it alone while he was at work.

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Chick flick”

  1. It was so good. Some points, I was like uh…OKAY. But then had to bring myself back to reality that this is a movie. Not regular epis. I cried too! Styling for the movie? AWESOME.

    I’m a little timid to admit that I watched 27 dresses. I know. But I rented it for $2 instead of $10.95 or $11.95 in theaters. Not a good movie.

  2. I liked the movie too but I was saddened that I have to hate Steve forever now LOL. Even when I know it’s fiction, I’ll still carry a grudge for that.

    It was nice that they stayed true to the character’s real spirit. I was surprised after all these years that they could get back intouch with them again.

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