Dear John

The past week has been rather difficult to say the least. We lost one of our closest and dearest friends, and although his passing wasn’t unexpected, it still hurt an awful lot. I received the phone call Tuesday afternoon, so we rushed over and arrived just before the funeral home came to pick up his body. Because his funeral is being delayed until after his daughter finishes cancer treatment all the way across the country, those few awkward moments might prove to be a much-needed opportunity for some sense of closure.

John was a phenomenal man. Quiet, gentle, and always gracious, he was one of the most Christ-like individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Many so-called Christians fail miserably when circumstances require them to imitate the God-man, but it seemed so easy for John. Since his death, Honey and I have both declared our intentions of becoming “more like John” – a testament to how esteemed he was not only in our eyes, but in the eyes of pretty much everyone we ever introduced him to.

We met John through our church, and although I covered some of my misgivings about continuing to attend services in my last post, his death seems to be bringing us back to the place that we hesitantly entered almost five years ago. His wife asked that we accompany her to tomorrow’s service, and refusing is simply out of the question. Will it be easy? Of course not, but it seems plausible that the church that enabled us to meet such a wonderful man must surely have some other surprises in store for the future.

Author: Brian

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