Death by chocolate

I’ve really got to start eating better.

This morning I began my workday with one of those donuts that has chocolate icing on top and cream filling and a plastic container of chocolate milk. Nutritious, huh?

I have to wonder what role my diet has played in the health problems that I’ve had over the last year. Obviously it’s had some effect, as sugar seems to be my main source of nutrition.

Maybe that also explains why I’m so sweet…

Author: Brian

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3 thoughts on “Death by chocolate”

  1. I’m so with you. My eating habits are just rotten. Not as bad as they used to be, but I really need to get with it. With nursing school starting (my “clean slate”) I am going to try to look for food snacks that aren’t just empty calories because I need some decent energy to keep me going. Maybe we could start some kind of blog challenge?

  2. Not sure…something like a customized goal for each of us, then some kind of weekly/daily/monthly post to hold us accountable? For example, mine might be something like eat 1 extra serving of fruit or veggies per day, or try a new healthy snack each week, or prepare three healthy meals each week. Then at the end I have to post what I’ve done. But I am pretty sure I will lose motivation if no one out there (besides my mom) is holding me accountable. Your thoughts?

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