Decisions, decisions


Next week, I will make the final payment on my Nissan Altima. I am elated, but also already feeling the itch to go out and get something newer. I have had my eye on those cute little Honda Civics for quite some time. I’ve even decided that if I buy one, it must be blue with tinted windows.

I’ve also been considering a new Altima, mainly because I have been so happy with the one I currently own. It is an all-around enjoyable automobile; fun to drive, low maintenance, great fuel economy. The latest models have cool features like keyless ignition and transmissions that don’t shift.

Although the thought of a new car sounds quite attractive, I worry about making any kind of big purchase in the current economic climate. My debt-to-income ratio is pretty low at this point, but who knows where I might find myself in a year? Jobless? Homeless? Living in my car?

At least I could enjoy that new car smell all the time.

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9 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions”

  1. I understand completely. I’ve got the itch too, but then I think, “the minivan may be old, have high mileage, a broken drivers side window, and make a horrible creaking noise, but it’s paid for, which trumps all those negative things.” We also try to only have one vehicle payment at a time, and are over 4 years from making the last truck payment.

  2. My husband would approve of the blue car with tinted windows. Our windows are tinted, and we’ve gotten one equipment violation on an interstate from a trooper who took out a laser device to measure how much light could get through and wrote him a ticket. But my husband says the tinted windows are worth it even so. Congratulations on making it to your last payment on the Altima! Enjoy the extra money that you’ll have now.

  3. @ Alyson: I only have one car payment now, so I’d still be in the same boat if I bought a new car. I might wait a few months before taking the plunge though.

    @ Liz: I like it, too!

    @ Mike: As close as I live to work, I could probably get by with a moped! :P

    @ fightingwindmills: I really like tinted windows on certain cars, especially the Civic. It just gives it a little something extra.

    @ goodbadandugly2: Cool!

    @ jimthomp87: I had to Google the Ford Fusion, since I didn’t see the show. It is pretty sharp!

  4. I LOVE my Altima. I’ve had it 6 years (it’s a 1994). I will probably get another one when mine finally dies (which might not be much longer). My aunt bought an ’09 Altima, and she loves it. I say keep the one you have til it dies…(or sell it to me and go buy your new one–LOL).

  5. @ Ashley: I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to get a second, newer Altima. It might be a few months though. I’ll keep the one I have now as a second car.

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