Diesel Jeans gay sailors advertisement

Diesel Jeans Gay Sailors Advertisement

This beautiful and controversial print ad from Diesel Jeans was created when real-life couple Bob and Rod Jackson-Paris posed for famed photographer David Lachapelle in 1994. It quickly became one of the most recognizable gay-themed advertisement campaigns in history.

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8 thoughts on “Diesel Jeans gay sailors advertisement”

  1. That picture is SO So so awesome…

    Ed commented, “Wow. That guy’s got Huge arms…”

    We did not even realize it was Bob and Rod…

    No Wonder he has huge arms… Duh!

    And it makes a magnificent banner for your blog.

    An excellent choice!

  2. @ ian: I don’t have a clue where you could find one. I’d say that Diesel owns the copyright and probably wouldn’t allow a third-party to sell posters, though.

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