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Saturday evening, we had a great time celebrating Alyson‘s upcoming birthday with her and her husband. After eating, enjoying a few drinks, and laughing our behinds off, we went to a late-night viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I had never seen the film in a theater and we were excited about the crowd participation that we had read about online. A two-dollar upgrade on the movie ticket got each person a trash bag filled with rice, toilet paper, squirt toy, toast, party hat, rubber glove, newspaper, noise-maker, and a few cards. Each of these items were thrown into the air to coincide with a particular scene in the film. It was great fun to see that level of audience participation and to watch several attendees converge on the open areas of the theater to do the “Time Warp.”

The movie is atrocious, but it does have some redeeming humor. I thoroughly enjoyed Tim Curry as the transvestite, Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I must admit to finding him a bit appealing, which is probably the scariest thing you’ll hear this Halloween.

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9 thoughts on “Dinner & a movie”

  1. This sounds like such a fun evening. I used to love Rocky Horror.

    About 500 years ago (okay, 27 years ago) I delivered a singing telegram to Tim Curry. He was so nice. And I should never, ever mention this, but I once won first place in a contest for dressing up like this:


    Which is sort of like admitting you won first place at a Star Trek convention, only with fishnet hose and garters.

  2. Gander Mountain was interesting, but a little scary. The toy trucks with dead deer strapped to the hood was beyond morbid.

    Honey is still insisting that we buy the pan that makes cornbread into fish shapes. LOL!

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