Dolphins, sharks & parks

There is something captivating and almost spiritual about dolphins, which made today extra special. We got to watch them frolicking in the waves for most of the day; bouncing along the sea’s surface in groups, bobbing with their heads exposed, or playfully leaping completely clear of the water. Their joy was contagious. I took several pictures, but seemed to only be able to capture their dorsal fins as they slipped below the surface. At least we’ll have the images stored in our brains for quite some time.


Another exciting part of the day was watching a fisherman haul a small shark onto land. I excitedly asked if I could snap a picture as he explained he had been able to catch almost nothing else for two days. We figured where there are small sharks, there must be large sharks, and this greatly added to our hesitancy about getting in the water. We did manage some cautious wading later on in the day.


If you ever get a chance to visit St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park in Florida, jump on it. The park contains nine miles of award-winning white sand beaches and gorgeous natural dunes, and is virtually devoid of humans. You can plant your beach umbrella so far from other visitors that you would need binoculars to see them clearly. That’s a definite plus in my book.


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4 thoughts on “Dolphins, sharks & parks”

  1. If you remind me, I’ll share an incredible story about dolphins…it’s in a book on my office shelf. It begs the question about man’s insistence of superiority.

    Glad you’re having such a wonderful time away. Looks like heaven!

  2. @ Alyson: You would love it here. I promise.

    @ Wendy: You’re welcome!

    @ Karen: I want to hear this story! We were discussing the other day whether or not the dolphins are more intelligent that we are. It’s an interesting notion.

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