Dorothy & dieting

Our neighbor/friend, Dorothy, got to come home from the hospital today – and not a moment too soon. We are both terribly exhausted from the ordeal and thankful that we don’t have to sleep on hospital furniture tonight. Her medical tests that were performed yesterday revealed several intestinal problems, but nothing serious enough that it can’t be treated with medication and diet changes.

Speaking of diets, I’ve decided that I want to lose 25 pounds by May. That’s when Honey will officially walk the aisle and get his bachelor’s degree, and we want to celebrate by going on a nice, long vacation – preferably somewhere with sand and sun. Although most people wouldn’t consider me to be overweight, I don’t like the extra blubber that has accumulated around my midsection over the last four years and I don’t want to wander around the beach looking like a muffin-top.

So far, my attempts at cutting back have consisted of replacing cheeseburgers, fries, and sodas with Subway cold cuts on wheat bread and water. Dinner tonight was some low-fat, high-fiber Campbell’s soup, crackers, and a slice of cheese. I was still starving immediately after eating, so pacified my sweet tooth with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (hey, at least it’s whole grain).

This isn’t going to be easy…

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10 thoughts on “Dorothy & dieting”

  1. my current favorite food/cereal is Cinnamon Pecan Special K with fresh blueberries. I think I actually like it better than Cinnamon Toast Crunch (which is saying a lot because I have a long history with Cinnamon Toast Crunch)!

  2. I hope Dorothy will continue to heal.

    I’ve never tried to lose weight, but I’ve heard that low fat doesn’t work if you are not feeling full. You have to eat things that are nutritious and full of the good kind of fat like avocado. When I eat a salad I put crumbled bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado, sunflower seeds, and shredded cheese on it. LOL, so I’m no help. But, I hope you are successful.

  3. @ doinmythingamy: As long as it makes us feel a little better… :)

    @ Ashley: I looked for this cereal at the grocery but didn’t see it. There were several other varieties of Special K, though.

    @ fightingwindmills: I read an article last night by some dietician/professor and she pretty much said the same things you mentioned. Never diet, eat healthy foods until you are full and then stop eating, and get plenty of exercise. Sounds better than starving!!

  4. as soon as I say I’m going to “diet” I start craving foods that I know I shouldn’t eat on a “diet.” it’s purely psychological, but I fall for it every time!

    I think you should eat what you want to eat, just stop when you’re satisfied (much easier said than done). I know my biggest problem is just eating too much. if I actually ate correct portions, I might be eating as little as a third of what I normally end up eating. There are certain foods that I just know that I cannot stop eating if there is more in front of me. When I go to a restaurant, I think I might start asking the server to box up half of the food before it even comes out. (Although it does work to cut it in half at the table and dump sugar or sweet n low all over the other half–but that seems wasteful).

    anyway, that’s just me. it always helps to cut back where you can. good luck with your goal!!

  5. Brian,

    I’m also working on losing this thing that’s started to attach itself to my midsection. My friend who is an exercise scientist gave me 3 tips for maximizing fat-burning during cardio exercises:

    1. Do it on a fast (i.e. before breakfast or other meals, preferably) — when you feed your body before cardio, it will first use up some of the energy you fed it before moving on to what’s stored in your body; better to just make a bee-line for the storage, y’know?
    2. Have a cup of coffee — gets your metabolism going so that your body burns more stuff; I’m a coffee addict anyway so this is my favorite part of cardio
    3. Increase intensity toward the end of the workout — Get this: Mike’s advice was like, “If you go on, say, on hour-long run, you should step it up for the last 15 minutes.” “Well,” I said, “what if you can only run for 15 minutes?”

    Anyway, all the best, brother!


  6. @ Ashley: I am the same way. I love the taste of food so much that I continue eating well after I’m full. I usually wind up feeling miserable by the time I’m finished!

    @Wei: Good tips!

    Speaking of coffee… did you see the latest study that claims drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day can lower one’s risk of Alzheimer’s by 60-65 percent? Pretty astounding numbers.

  7. whoa! that article on Alzheimer’s is crazy! If 3-5 cups a day is MODERATE, I can’t imagine being a heavy coffee drinker! I would never sleep! I have coffee every couple weeks or so….I am definitely not a caffeine addict…

    very interesting.

  8. I’ve been meaning to tell you that the “3-5 cups of coffee a day” thing is the closest thing to the Gospel I’ve heard in months. You’ve just transformed my addiction into an Alzheimer’s prevention strategy. I’m going to make a cup of coffee after I click “Submit”!

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