Double standards

The people where I work are getting a kick out of the fact that a coworker finally “got laid” recently after a long bout without sex. There’s been lots of joking and laughter about it, even from some of the most religious among us. People remark about how relieved he looks and how he seems barely able to walk.

This young man has been living with a woman for several years. He swore off sexual relations with her after they had a daughter a few years ago, but they continue to live together. After meeting someone new recently, he wasted no time in getting physical and telling everyone about it.

I guess the thing that bothers me most about this is that the same people who were so determined to ban same-sex unions and claim gays are trying to destroy the institution of marriage seem to have no problem with someone cheating on his common-law wife or committing fornication. In fact, they seem to celebrate it. How is it that his new relationship suddenly has more validity and acceptance than my two year relationship?

This type of hypocrisy seems rampant in the lives of the devout and the non-religious. One man I work with claims to be a patriot, yet showed his support for our troops by sleeping with the girlfriend of a soldier who was serving in Iraq. On any given day, this same guy will argue about scripture and belief, while failing to abide by any of the tenets that he claims to hold so dear.

I try not to judge the personal lives of others, because I don’t want them to judge mine. However, I refuse to ignore their glaring double standards. They want to point a finger at people like me and say that we are immoral and trying to undermine family values, yet they seem to have no real morals or values of their own.

Author: Brian

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