Eight days

I am delighted to report that power was restored to our home yesterday morning around 9:30, eight days after we lost it due to an ice storm. My joy is somewhat bittersweet since there are still so many across my state without power, including some people that I know personally. Great progress has been made though, mainly due to the influx of line workers from surrounding states. Our area has also been swarmed by the National Guard, who are handing out much-needed living essentials like water, food, and fuel.

Since this marks the second extended power outage in our area in the last six months and both were weather-related, I can’t help but feel a little apprehensive about the future. I keep asking myself, “What’s next?” Hopefully, no matter what happens, we are a little more prepared than we were a year ago.

Author: Brian

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5 thoughts on “Eight days”

  1. You lost power in the middle of winter and survived eight days. If we lost power here in Phoenix for eight days … due to severe weather (here that means heat; probably some generator somewhere would overheat and explode or something) … I’d just have to leave. The prospect of 8 days of 110+ weather without A/C is appalling, since we’d also probably lose water for a large part of that.

    We once lost power for, I think, two days after some power line in California overheated, stretched and drooped into some trees. That shut down the entire southwest for a couple days, I believe. However, I was camping up in northern Arizona at the time, and so wasn’t affected. Lucky me!

    So, my hat’s off to you!

  2. Yay for you. When can the poor, powerless people such as me come over?

    I suppose I have a wii that I’m not using if you want to borrow it…………

  3. @ goodbadandugly2: Exactly!!

    @ mario: You’d be surprised what you can endure when you don’t really have a choice. Humans lived for eons without electricity, so it is entirely possible – even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

    @ alyson: You are more than welcome to come over and enjoy the kilowatts anytime. Just make sure you bring that Wii! :D

  4. Brian, glad your power has been restored. Even more happy that you weathered that storm (pun intended) unscathed. We’re veterans of weather related problems here, so I echo your thoughts and would just say that it’s always a good idea to think in terms of ‘it COULD happen to me’.

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