Fever & chills

I started getting sick yesterday afternoon. Maybe the intense headaches I had every day last week were related, but I didn’t really start feeling bad until we were sitting in Logan’s having an after-church lunch with friends. I was feeling pretty icky by the time we got home and was running a low grade temperature when I went to bed at 9pm.

After a virtually restless night, I awoke this morning with a 101.3 temp and nausea. I managed to down some saltine crackers and ibuprofen before stumbling off to work. The stomach situation worsened as the day wore on, so I called my primary care physician to see if she would call in a prescription – which she did.

Honey went to pick up the meds, and since we are expecting a big winter ice storm with widespread power outages, he decided to swing by a home improvement store to purchase a propane gas heater. Unfortunately, they were sold out.

If the weatherman gets this one right, Red Cross volunteers might stop by here in a few days to discover a couple of frozen-to-death gay guys.

Author: Brian

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