Fifth time’s the charm

One of my coworkers is getting ready to be married for the fifth time. He’s running around the workplace beaming with pride, expecting everyone to be as elated about it as he is. While I would like to share in his joy, I just can’t feel anything but resentment knowing how strongly he feels about banning gay marriage.

It’s amazing to me that the same crowd that preaches family values and the sanctity of marriage doesn’t see a problem with multiple weddings and divorces, or the trail of broken homes and shattered lives of children left in the wake. Where is this so-called “sanctity” when vows aren’t being honored and unions last from a few hours to a few years at most?

Anti-gay conservatives are constantly using verses from the Bible to “prove” their viewpoints that homosexuals are sinners and damned to hell, but they never talk about the multitudes of verses dealing with God’s negative views of divorce and remarriage. It’s easy to justify something when you strongly desire it to be that way.

I guess the Cheyenne Indian proverb that says “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins” would apply in this case. If everyone who’s opposed to my lifestyle had to view the world through my eyes, they might see things a little differently.

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

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