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I am a Flickr pro. That may have a nice ring to it, but it simply means that I’ve paid for Flickr’s service as opposed to using their limited free service. Since upgrading my account on Monday, I have uploaded 1508 images. Yep, I’ve been busy.

I was spurred into action by a tragedy that recently happened to my uncle. His wife died a couple of years ago, and he was living with his son in Oklahoma. Their house burned the other day and he lost everything except a briefcase that he was able to grab on the way out. He lost all of their family photos, aside from a few photos of his deceased wife that were in the briefcase. He had also borrowed some pictures of his wife from another family member and those were destroyed, as well.

All of that made me consider the possibility of losing all the photos that I have worked so hard on over the years. The hundreds of photos that I scanned and corrected before Christmas last year, photos from birthdays, holidays, trips, etc. Having digital copies of everything is wonderful, but what if my house burns and my computer is destroyed?

So, I decided the perfect solution would be to store them online. That way there are backups upon backups, I can still control who sees what, and I can access my photos from any computer with an internet connection. Sharing photos with family and friends is a snap. I can also order prints of my photos and have them mailed to my home. Photos can also be tagged with keywords for fast and easy searches.

Their paid service is only $24.95 per year and provides unlimited uploads, storage, downloads and bandwith. I expect that amount to drop in the near future as their competition grows and the cost of data storage shrinks. What’s not to love?

Author: Brian

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1 thought on “Flickr pro”

  1. Welcome to Flickr! It is indeed a great way to store and share photos (I have 7,880 on my flickr account). What I also love about it is the socialising part and the ease of use… I’ve checked other “competition” out there, there might be one or two that comes close but the rest are just bad copies.
    I think the Flickr fever will catch up soon specially when your views reach several thousands.

    Have a great day!

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