I might possibly be one of the worst consumers in the history of shopping. It takes so long for me to make up my mind about a product and I don’t feel like I’ve done my homework until I’ve tried several items. My friends like to poke fun at me for swapping out televisions, DVD players, and telephones until I find just the one that suits me. So… it should be no surprise to anyone that my cell phone buying experience has went in the same direction.

I started out with Verizon Wireless and the LG Chocolate slider phone. I liked the coverage but not the phone’s features or menu, so I decided to switch to AT&T Wireless and see if I had better luck.

I was within my 30 day trial with VZW, meaning I was able to port my number to AT&T and get out of the 2 year contract that I had signed. I went with the LG Shine, an absolutely gorgeous phone with wonderful features and excellent battery life. The only problem was the reception. Time after time, I would pull the phone from my pocket, dial a number, and get a “no service” message.

Since a cell phone is, well, a phone, I decided that first and foremost I should look for the wireless provider that can actually provide me with the ability to make phone calls. Since Verizon had already proven to me that they had far superior coverage and reception, I am switching back.

I’ve chosen a different device this time around, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve finally found a provider and a phone that satisfies me.

Author: Brian

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12 thoughts on “Flip-flopper”

  1. LOL. You’re on my network (again).

    You’re last part reminds me of what I told the lady in the Verizon store one time. She was laying it on thick. “This phone has GPS, This one has video capability, This one is an MP3 player……” etc. Since we were having problems with our phones getting any reception at the time, I stopped her and said, “Do you have one that can make calls, because that’s all I’m interested in.”

  2. I have just figured out your dream job: Working for “Consumer Reports Magazine”. You would have an orgasm just thinking about all the gadgets you would get to try out. I want a free subscription when you start your new job.

  3. @ alyson: Shouldn’t you throw me a “Welcome Home” party or something for switching back to your network? :)

    @ Karen: That depends on if you’re laughing with me or at me. :P

    @ Mitch: That DOES sound like my dream job. Where do I sign up?

  4. I’ve had Verizon for about 9 or 10 years and I’ve always been happy with their service. I haven’t always been happy with the phone that I’ve purchased but the service, yes.

    LOL at Mitch! I think he had a genius idea there. Brian, I did a tiny amount of googling and found this. Check it out

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