Friends are forever

Forsake not an old friend; for the new is not comparable to him: a new friend is as new wine; when it is old, thou shall drink it with pleasure.

– Sirach 9:10

I had an unexpected visit this afternoon from a dear friend. Life circumstances kept us apart for a couple of years and have just now gotten to the point that we can get together again. It was wonderful to see her and get a chance to “catch up” after so long apart.

Conversation flowed effortlessly, laughter filled the air, and tears were wiped away as we shared stories from our lives apart. The years melted away in a matter of seconds and it was like we were never separated. That’s the beauty of true friendship – a thing so rare and something to be cherished.

Author: Brian

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2 thoughts on “Friends are forever”

  1. Wonderful! I have a very good friend who I had not seen for a couple of decades—a quarter of a century, in fact—and several friends I have not seen for five or ten years, but we would still help each other at the drop of a hat should the need arise. Friendship can survive any amount of time and any distance if it is true: you have to be prepared to allow the time and distance to be insignificant, and then revel in sharing each other’s stories when you do meet again ;-)

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