Friggin’ witch

I had the lovely experience of renewing my driver’s license yesterday after work. I had to rush home, shower, and make myself look presentable enough that I wouldn’t be embarrassed every time I get ID’d for the next four years.

After arriving at the renewal office in our one-horse town, I found the only clerk on duty stuffing her face with popcorn. Trying to be nice, I made some lame comment about interrupting her snack. She didn’t even bother to look at me, so I knew a reply was out of the question.

I handed her my soon-to-be expired license and she rattled off the usual questions in a hateful, monotone voice and cut me off before I finished one of my questions. I was then instructed to sit in a chair where I stared mindlessly into a tiny camera lens until she snapped “Got it.”

The telephone suddenly rang and she erupted in smiles and giggles as I began to wonder if she suffered from multiple-personality disorder. The sappiness in her voice made me want to puke as I longed for an end to the whole debacle.

Moments later, while still on the phone, she tosses the still-warm-from-the-printer license onto the counter with nary a glance in my direction. I said thanks and gave a slight wave to let her know that I was leaving and once again, there was no acknowledgment.

What a friggin’ witch. I should totally complain, but I figure she’d retaliate by having some cop she’s humping pull me over.

Author: Brian

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11 thoughts on “Friggin’ witch”

  1. I haven’t had trouble at that particular place, but I’ve been noticing it alot at one store in the town I work. The last several times I’ve been there the teenage cashiers are too busy talking to each other to even acknowledge that you are there buying products that pay their wages. Earlier in the week they were complaining to one another about a co-worker, Jane, and I honestly wanted to say, “Jane’s my aunt you brats”.

  2. Brian, I had a similar experience in December. Except that there were two women in there (protected by wall and glass).
    You are right there is no use complaining. She has to be a relative of someone in the court system or sheriff’s office or some political office!!! (That is how it works in our one-horse town)

    During my experience, they were talking among themselves as though I wasn’t there. She told me to sit and didn’t even let me know she was taking the picture. She then announced she was finished and threw mine on the desk to. She didn’t even ask me if I wanted to give a dollar to the “Organ Donation Org.” (which I usually do, but I didn’t even bother asking her about it!!!)

    It is my worse driving license picture and I am not smiling either! :(

    Also, I think the new price increase is RIDICULOUS!! I have to work 3 hours just to pay for a renewal!

  3. The price increase is certainly ridiculous.
    She did ask me about organ donation and I said “no.” I figure if they don’t want my blood, then they won’t be getting my organs, either.

  4. Well, I want to donate my organs because of LeighAnn’s sister, Michelle. If it wasn’t for someone donating their loved ones lungs, she wouldn’t have lived those extra 3 years, and Pat & Jerrel would have lost 2 daughters in one year instead of just one.

    It does seem ??? not sure of the correct word???, but that you(using that figurativily) can sleep with many man/women and still give blood, but if you have had same-sex intercourse you can’t? What is the difference? Am I just uneducated? I think that if I were receiving blood I would just want to know it has been tested for all “impurities” and it was okay and then that’s it, complete Anomality regarding everything else. There are just things I don’t want to know!!!!

    I don’t know. Have you seen any medical statistics that suggest same-sex intercourse and mutliple partner sex aren’t “equal” in the risk of sexual transmitted diseases or blood transfusion diseases?
    I am on unfamilar territory…sorry if the wording isn’t correct!!!

  5. Stilldreaming,

    Statistically, I think that gay males are in a higher risk group for sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV. However, it’s obvious that HIV/AIDS doesn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender.

    The Red Cross doesn’t agree with the ban on gay men donating blood because they feel it is unnecessary since the blood is tested before anyone receives it. I agree.

    There have been times that I have wanted to give blood, but I know the questions that I would be asked. :(

  6. Believe it or not I have a story that involves several topics in this post. I went to give blood one time when Connor was a baby, there was no line, so I sign in at the front, and go to one of the booths. The lady asks me how old he is the says rather rudely, “you can’t give blood that soon after giving birth, if you would’ve read the stuff by the sign in table you would know that”. There was A TON of papers up there, and reading them would’ve taken at least an hour, as opposed to asking her, who was doing nothing, which took 30 seconds. I haven’t attempted to give blood since.

  7. Also, the liscense place stays open till 6 or 7 one night during the week, so maybe next time you won’t have to rush. The late night is the only way I can do it. I had pretty good luck when I went last, only they film cover slid halfway off mine when it came out so it looks kinda stupid. The lady was on the phone with a personal call, so I didn’t bother telling her.

  8. I’m convinced that there is an epidemic of rudeness in America. It’s a shame. I was raised to show respect to others and even though I’m not always as kind as I should be, I do try to be nice to people. It seems like some go out of their way to be mean.

  9. Brian,
    I thought of you and this post a few hours ago. I made a quick run to the store to get some necessities and notice I need to get some gas. I go over to that little gas station a couple of blocks from the Movie place. The owners are an elderly couple and I would rather pay a few extra pennies supporting them then “the others”
    Anyway, the storm was moving in fast so I was really crossing my fingers I would get there in time. Oh, I did, but there was a “friggin’ witch” parked in between the two pumps. The man was just finishing pumping their gas when another girl(probably her daughter) jumps out and starts washing the front window!!! It is fixing to come a freaking storm and they are washing their window off, even the attendant commented on it.
    Anyway, she Knew I was waiting…our vehicles were facing each other, but I couldn’t get close enough to my pump to get any gas! She just sit there talking on her phone looking back at me. She didn’t even bother reversing alittle to let me pull closer! They just took their sweet time. I couldn’t help thinking “You Friggin’ Witch!!!” That was soooo rude and unconsiderate!
    Thankfully it didn’t start raining until after I left.
    “there is an epidemic of rudeness in America. It’s a shame.” I totally agree!!!
    Thanks for letting me vent!!!! LOL

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