Glutton for punishment

Over the past month, two people have attacked me via Facebook because of my sexuality. Apparently my honesty about my lifestyle is irresistible to those hiding behind computer screens and religious dogma. Both people claimed an interest in saving my soul, but both used rather unusual tactics to express their concern.

One person contacted me privately to tell me that being open about my sexuality was creating an inappropriate influence on children, that I should follow the real Christ instead of a false Christ, and that they didn’t want to go to the judgment with my blood on their hands.

The other responded to a mutual friend’s post about gay marriage that I had commented on. He asked if AIDS is a plague or a cure, before launching into a diatribe about the evils of homosexuality that took a very personal and nasty turn.

God did not make you queer he made you just like everybody else…you have brain washed yourself into believing this stupidity because you want to. Even your parents have taught you better than that….You are looking for justification for your grotesque life style….DO NOT BLAME ANYBODY BUT YOURSELF. IT IS A CHOICE!!

Both people ended their messages by expressing that they love me. I find it ironic that someone could imply that homosexuals deserve to die from AIDS one minute, then tell me they love me the next.

I wonder why I even have a Facebook account, as it provides a means for people to say things to me that they would never consider saying in real life. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment.

As if I haven’t been beaten up enough lately, last night I checked the comment queue on this blog to find the following message:¬†“You sound like a f***ing homo.”

Short and to the point. At least it didn’t include any religious condemnation or hollow expressions of love.

Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “Glutton for punishment”

  1. All of these people are ignorant jackasses. At least the one had the decency (sort of) to contact you privately and spew forth their ignorance. That gives you an opportunity to actually engage in dialogue if you’re so inclined.

    As far as the one who commented on a mutual friend’s post, personally, I think I would send the mutual friend a note saying something to the effect that you are thinking about stepping back from your friendship with them if they are going to allow those sorts of personal attacks against you. It says something very clear about the value of their friendship with you if they don’t delete those comments.

    There is no hope for people who are that cowardly and willfully stupid.

    There is another (admittedly bad, but oh so satisfying) response to it. If you have any of their emails available (like from their Facebook pages), register those emails on as many filthy porn sites as you can. Then de-friend them. I’m only half-joking about this. :-)

    Keep up the fight, Brian. You simply can’t change some people’s minds. Luckily, some others are open to hearing your side and might actually think about it.

  2. I am sorry you have been treated so rudely by some who would call themselves Christians. Those voices do not represent all of us. I hope the hurt in their lives can heal as well as the hurt caused by their angry, ugly words.

  3. I am so sorry that we live in a society that allows people to call themselves followers of Christ and still spew such angry words and foster such a hatred of God’s creation. I do not understand it. I am also sorry that this is something that you have to deal with on a continual basis–you clearly a strong, forgiving person.

  4. It never fails to amaze me at what people will say or do under the guise of ‘Christianity’. It horrifies me and I’m sure God isn’t so keen on being people being ugly and invoking it in his name. Don’t let ignorant morons run you off. They need to see that their studitity is not rewarded.

    What children are being harmed by gay people on Facebook??? I’m quite positive I’ve read A LOT of negative things on people’s walls/status that were not child friendly but being gay is surely not one of them. And they think that they’re going to their judgement with your blood on their hands? WTH??? Do they feel a need to email everyone in their lives and bring up what sin they’re struggling with to try and redeem their souls?

    I can see why you’d be so frustrated. Yours is an uphill battle that I can’t ever truly understand. But at least you aren’t alone. I think more people than not are on your side and hopefully we’ll all be loud enough to shut out the dumb opinions. (((hugs)))

  5. I could say so much here, and I have, but this time I’ll just say, “Yeah, what Chris said”

    And, have been more inapproporiately influenced by the Disney channel than they have by you or honey.

  6. I also agree with Chris, and I want to add a quote by Albert Einstein which sums up what I think about those facebook-dorks:

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

    Brian, you’re great just like you are. Hugs!

  7. Thanks, everybody. It’s comforting to know that a majority of the people that I interact with online are kind, loving, and Christ-like. It makes it a little easier to deal with those who aren’t.

    Anke, your quote is hilarious! =)

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