Going to see the Dolly Lama


Did I mention we have SIXTH row tickets to see Dolly Parton at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago?!? Honey’s mom is a huge fan, but has never had the opportunity to see Dolly live. I had to fix that, so this will be my third time seeing Dolly, Honey’s second time, and his mom’s first. Fun, fun!

I was very surprised to find tickets this good on TicketMaster, but they were quite expensive. It will be worth it though. The concert is coming up at the end of July and we will be sitting in section 103. Can’t wait!


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9 thoughts on “Going to see the Dolly Lama”

  1. Color me jealous! I LOVE her. Funny,true, story. When I was maybe 3, her movie 9 to 5 came out. Mama took me to see it, and when a tall gent sat in front of us, I tapped him and told him to move “so I could see Dollys boobies.”

  2. We saw here a few years ago when we lived in VA. Her show was fantastic! Have a great time! Plus, it’s in Chicago – amazing city.

  3. @ TheVinylVillager: Hilarious!! I keep picking at Honey’s mom about Dolly’s boobies. She said she’s going to ask if she can touch them. =D

    @ Michael: I am almost as excited over the prospect of really getting to see Chicago as I am about seeing Dolly. I’ve been through the airport once and drove through another time, but I’ve never got to get a good look at it.

  4. I spent some time in Chicago during/after college (mainly day trips). Last year as part of the bribe to get my partner to go to my 15 year college reunion a couple hours from Chicago, we spent 2 days in the city. I highly recommend one of the architectural boat tours on the river. They are fascinating both from an architecture/aesthetic/urban planning perspective and a historical perspective. We also checked out Boystown. :-P

  5. @ Michael: The boat tour sounds fantastic! What a great way to see the ‘scrapers. Any recommendations on a place to stay that’s close to downtown but won’t cost a fortune?

  6. I used Travelocity and booked a “Top Secret Hotel”. You have to pay for it in advance and then you find out what hotel it is, but if you stick with a 4-star in the Loop neighborhood, you usually end up with a good hotel. We ended up at the Hard Rock Hotel one block from the start of the Magnificent Mile. I think I paid like $120/night (mid-week) for it doing it that way. It was a great hotel.

    Of course paying ahead of time for an unknown property is always a risk, especially on Hotwire.com, but if you stick with 4-stars on Travelocity you should be fine. Four stars in downtown Chicago should get you something like a Hyatt, Hilton, or the Hard Rock.

  7. depending on which way you drive, you’ll have to wave as you drive past! :D Though if it’s the way I think you might be going, you won’t be driving past. :(

  8. I had a dream that were I meet Dolly. I said “Hey, my cousin has got tickets to your concert.” lol She didn’t seem that impressed. lol
    I wanted her autograph & she wouldn’t give it to me unless I showed her my DL. ;)
    Crazy dreams!

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