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I am responsible for managing the online presence of our church. Part of my job involves the use of social networking – including Facebook. Although I used to have a Facebook account, I have had it closed for some time. This means that I have left the chore of updating the Facebook page to others who already have enough on their plate.

My main reason for not wanting to reopen my account is that I don’t trust Facebook with my personal information and I don’t like the way the site functions. Having said that, it is pretty clear that I need to help manage the church’s profile page.

So… I reactivated my Facebook account this morning, then deleted every one of my friends. It was a painful chore, but it is the only way I can manage our church’s page without using Facebook as a social network. I also locked down my account so that no one can send me friend requests, etc.

Maybe one of these days Google+ will replace Facebook as the top social network. Until then, I don’t see a way for businesses/organizations to get around using it. But I already have a G+ page for our church just in case!

Author: Brian

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