Have you ever

Have you ever felt like you were breaking an unspoken rule when you touched the one you love in public?

Have you ever noticed disgust in the eyes of a complete stranger, even though you knew you had done nothing to personally offend them?

Have you ever worried that when you die, your partner won’t have any rights to your property and may wind up homeless?

Have you ever considered that starting a family might be a little more complicated than making love?

Have you ever thought that without children, there’s a good possibility that you might grow old alone and without anyone to care for you?

Have you ever watched your lover pay full-price for health care, while you were only charged the copay on insurance that doesn’t cover him?

Have you ever believed that you were a disappointment to your family, because they never imagined having a child like you?

Have you ever longed to be something that you knew you could never be, yet you prayed and begged for it anyway?

Have you ever wondered if your attempts at a relationship with God were futile, because you were already damned?

Have you ever realized how lucky you are to have found that one other soul that you connected with, when the odds were stacked so high against you?

I have. Have you?

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

2 thoughts on “Have you ever”

  1. Powerful, powerful post. This needs to go around the world a hundred times! We all need to read it (ponder it) again and again.

    The HAVE YOU that I relate to most is the one related to children.

    Neither my brother nor I have our own biological children or ever will. I remember exactly where we were when my brother turned to me and said in a voice at once eery and resigned, “Do you realize that our blood line dies with us?” That reality was the saddest I’ve had to grapple with so far.

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