Hiding behind the Bible

LZ Granderson currently has an article featured on CNN titled “Anti-gays hide their bias behind the Bible” – a very interesting look at how many Christians pick and choose which sins are worthy of stones. One paragraph in particular struck me as I read, perhaps because I feel exactly the same way.

I am never ashamed to say I follow the teachings of Christ, but I am not always proud to say I am a Christian. That’s because I am bothered by the continual mutilation of my religion’s basic principle of love by the extremists in my religion who construct a hierarchy of sin — which does not exist in the Bible — for no other reason than to protect their own prejudices.

Read the entire article here.

P.S. I really, really wanted to post this on Facebook, but I’m always concerned with offending someone on my friend list. And I use the word friend loosely.

Author: Brian

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2 thoughts on “Hiding behind the Bible”

  1. SO proud of you for sharing it on FB. I’m sure if your “friends” are like mine they wouldn’t hesitate one minute to share an article about how gays are the reason for the moral decline of our country. (like my “friend” did today after bashing me in her status for joining the group supporting gays)

  2. That article was outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing. It was so articulate and well-written. I wish I could keep my cool and make clear concise points like this when it comes up in conversation but I just get so angry!

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