Ho patrol

I could just puke. Literally.

Every day at work when break time arrives, there are at least two guys in my office looking on MySpace for whores. I know that’s a strong term, but if you’ve ever seen some of the profiles on MySpace, then you will know that it is an appropriate one. The pictures and the descriptions leave little to the imagination. One girl even described how great she was in the “cock-pit”. Now that’s someone I’d like to take home to meet Mother.

I’ve begun referring to this daily ritual as “Ho Patrol”.

The guys looking at the pictures are also whores. One of them brags incessantly about all the “p*ssy” he’s getting from various girls he’s met online. The other has a steady girlfriend, and when we mentioned that fact, he said that he’s always on the prowl for “something better.” What a revolting way of looking at the opposite sex!

As a serial monogamist, I am always amazed at views of some towards dating and sexual relationships. Why would they rather have casual sex with many different people, as opposed to meeting someone and falling in love? It’s a mystery to me.

Author: Brian

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3 thoughts on “Ho patrol”

  1. I just love the term “Ho patrol.” I’m gonna have to use that this weekend when I’m in Vegas. Awesome!

  2. I agree with you, Brian. ;)

    We had a woman working at our store and my boss wanted me to see that woman’s myspace site because she said it looked very Satanic.
    I was over my parents using their computer trying to find it, and was completely disgusted with MOST of the pictures!!! My 9 yr old daughter was close by and wanted to see what I was doing and I wouldn’t let her look!!! At one point my mom came over and said horrified! “Is that a BUTT?”
    That was basically all the pictures where G-string butts, partly exposed breast and other…
    I quit looking for her page. I didn’t really want to see it anyway, was just trying to tell my boss I did, so she wouldn’t keep asking me about it!!!!
    However, I have seen some NICE myspace pages too.

    I am definitely a “serial monogamist” too!!!

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