Holiday stress

I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I have been feeling very anxious and nervous over the past few days. If I had to venture a guess, I would say it is because of the upcoming holidays and all of the time and money that must be spent in order to satisfy the Christmas gods.

Each year after Christmas, I tell myself that I am going to scale things way back next time around. Unfortunately, the next year comes and I fall back into the same routine of running around from store to store trying to find the best price on whatever it is I am looking for.

What I really despise about exchanging Christmas presents is that it is basically just trading money. If you spend $50 on me, then I feel obligated to spend $50 on you. And don’t even consider the fact that I might get you something you have absolutely no desire for, or vice versa. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just set aside $50 to spend on myself? Or better yet, what if instead of exchanging presents with everyone, we just went out for a nice meal and conversation?

I have always said Christmas is for kids. I still believe that. And it would certainly be a lot less stressful.

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Holiday stress”

  1. Jeez, I get the burnout syndrome just by reading your post’s tags ;)
    I bet many of our friends and family feel like you, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem to end this shopping-craziness. My husband and I don’t buy presents for each other, we choose something together – that might be a nice dinner, a spa weekend or an exclusive cd box.
    My in-laws got rid of the gift-giving tradition long ago (except for the yearly bunch of delicious selfmade cookies from my dh’s mom), so that’s a considerable amount of less stress each year. And my parents simply get an album with the year’s best photos that we took.
    Sending some relaxing thoughts from Germany

    1. That’s it! I’m moving to Germany!!

      Seriously, though, you have some great ideas. I really like that you and your husband pick out something together. Honey likes the surprise aspect of opening presents, so I would hate to deprive him of that.

      The photo album thing is a GREAT idea.

  2. I agree totally! I was watching an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” the other day where Sheldon was talking about the $50 thing exactly. He said, “We could contuinue exchanging $50 until one of us dies leaving the other $50 richer.” LOL. I really hate buying for my inlaws side of the family. We draw names and I always get someone that I have no idea what they want, and pick out something that I’m sure they don’t always like, and it’s all very frustrating!

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