‘Home For The Holidays’


This is my absolute favorite movie for reasons too innumerable to mention. Directed by Jodie Foster, it portrays an eclectic family that gather for Thanksgiving, only to question why they torture themselves with the tradition when it always seems to go so badly.

The doting mother frets that her children aren’t happy with their lives, the father is constantly eating junk food and playing his organ, the brother who has recently married his homosexual partner, a sister who’s obsessed with being perfect, and the main character (Holly Hunter) who has just lost her job and found out her teenage daughter is planning to go all the way with her boyfriend. What’s not to love?

The movie is well balanced with outright hilarity at the dinner table, followed by several poignant moments. In one scene near the end of the film, Holly is sitting with her father in the cellar as they watch old family films. He recounts a story from her childhood, and says it was the “great moment of my life, ten seconds tops.” That is sure to stir a little emotion in the most callous of hearts.

The real moral of the film is that no matter how different we are from our family members, we are still family and that is a bond that is very hard to break. My rating: A+

Author: Brian

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