How life almost ruined my favorite movie

After eating a rather large meal of leftovers at our neighbor’s house last night, we washed the dishes and settled in to watch Home For The Holidays, a film that has long been my favorite and has become somewhat of a tradition for me to watch every year around Thanksgiving. I wasn’t sure how Mrs. J would react to the crazy tone that prevails throughout much of the movie and I forewarned her about the strong language, even though I’ve heard many of the same words come from her mouth. She seemed to have a hard time figuring out exactly what was going on, but did laugh occasionally, getting particularly tickled at the flatulence of one of the characters.

About halfway through, she suddenly let out a yelp and grabbed her left arm. After assuring us that she was fine, we continued watching the film, but noticed that she kept holding her arm and had become very quiet. After about five minutes had passed, we realized that she was going to have to go to the emergency room. She grimaced in pain as she told us she didn’t want to go, but we insisted, giving her the “better safe than sorry” reasoning. Her pain grew steadily worse as we hurriedly helped put her shoes on and gathered up necessary insurance information, so we decided that it would be better to call 911 than to spend precious time getting her out to the car with a walker.

As I stood outside waiting to flag down the EMTs, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to pass away and if the memory would prevent me from ever watching my favorite movie again. Pathetic, I know, but one’s mind doesn’t immediately put things into proper perspective during situations like these.

The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes and was soon en route to the hospital. Honey rode in the ambulance and I followed in my car, hazard lights flashing, nervously praying that she wouldn’t die of a heart attack. We arrived at the emergency room around 7pm and she was in the CCU by 10:30pm. They are still running a series of tests to determine if she had a heart attack, but all the preliminary results show that she didn’t.

Perhaps it’s stress. She’s had a rough year – breaking her hip, a hospital stay, recuperation in a nursing home, then finally getting to return home only to have her younger sister pass away from cancer a few weeks later. It’s easy to see how circumstances could be taking a toll on her physical health.

We were allowed to go back for a short visit after they got her settled in for the night. As we assured her that she would be fine, she looked up with very heavy eyes and said, “Now see what you’ve got me into.”

Oh, well. I guess there are two more things to be thankful for this holiday season. She’s apparently going to be fine, and I can watch my movie next year without having dreadful memories.

Author: Brian

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8 thoughts on “How life almost ruined my favorite movie”

  1. I’m glad Mrs. J is okay. You two are so kind to her– she’s very lucky to have you for neighbors.

    “Home for the Holidays” is such a great movie. Glad you can continue to watch it guilt-free!

  2. She’s so lucky to have you. And I love “Home for the Holidays” too. It’s a great Thanksgiving movie. That, and “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”

  3. OMG. I’m so glad she is okay.

    I haven’t gotten to watch it this year yet, but I intend to. I’m amused that Mrs J found Aunt Glady funny.

    My favorite part is where Tommy is telling Claudia about Leo breaking his nose. “Light poop smell on the fingers” and “Looks like something that would come out of Clyde’s uterus” cracks me up every time.

  4. :lol:

    My favorite character is the mother, but the dinner scene is definitely the most enjoyable part of the whole thing for me. The dad’s Thanksgiving prayer is so perfect.

    “Shovel the turkey and stuff the snow.”

  5. Brian, you are such a wonderful person. I like it when you include stories like this in your blog posts. I have awarded you a badge called Be the Blog because you are so good at running this site and putting so much of yourself into it. Even if you decide not to display the badge, please know that I admire your blogging style very much. Instructions are in my post called “Don’t Bogart the Badge”.

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